When it comes to attaching two or more pieces of wood, metal, concrete, or anything else under the sun; we’re the name you want to call.

Nails, screws, the lot.


Strip nails to coil nails to flat head nails we’ve got the right nails for your tools. All types of metal nails for whether you’re knocking together a roof or putting down some underlay.


Whatever screws you need, we’ve got. Self-tapping screws, bugle screws, coach screws, tek screws, and heaps more. We have screws for wood, masonry, gyprock/plasterboard, whatever material you’re using.


Dyna bolts, coach bolts, anchor bolts, high tensile bolts, however you want to bolt things together we’ve got the supplies to help. If it’s not in stock we can order it in for you too.


Whether you’re trying to affix timber, bricks, steel, concrete, or any variation thereof, we can provide advice about the right fasteners and equipment to get the job done.

Even more

From chemical anchors to wall plugs, and tile clips to every part to get a hinge set up and much much more, Ortons has everything you need and everything else you didn’t realise could help.

Quality Brands

We work with all the best brands, including Iccons, Brighton Best, Airco, Maxi Metals, and Simpsons Strong-Tie. We support local manufacturing, hard work and high quality from local heroes.

Delivered To You

We operate our own fleet of delivery vans, stocked not just with your order but a range of extra fasteners and equipment to make sure we can fill in any gaps in your order, help you with some upgrades, or even swap to something more appropriate for the job at hand.

We’re here to help you, contact us today.

All Over The South West

We’re ready to get your order where you need it. We operate stores in Balcatta and Bunbury and our delivery vans can make trips from North of the Swan River to the South, all the way down to Augusta.